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Welcome to

Small Things Branding Co.

The power of the SMALL things....

Providing small business owners with creative direction and brand strategy to level up their digital presence by digging into the small details of their business!


Social Media Strategy

Content Creation

Our Mission

To Simply Help. To Simply Give.

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We're a perfect match if you are...

You're a new or small business owner and want to have a solid brand


You're tired of trying to figure out how to succeed on social media

Struggling to make your business look professional online

You're ready to put in the work to level up your business on social media and digital platforms

You're ready to take up the space destined for you in your industry

Our process goes like this....


You reach out to us

Fill out or client interest form and schedule a time to chat about your needs and painpoints. You can then decide if we're the best fit.


We examine the soil

We will research your industry and gather the information we need to create exceptional digital experiences


We grab the tools and plant the seeds

Our team will work closely with you to strategize, create and deliver the best service


We watch it blossom

We ensure that you are equipped with strategy to use your receivables in the most effective way moving forward

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